3 Best Smartphone & Tablet Apps for Lawyers


Technology has greatly changed the shape of the legal profession in the past decade. Instead of hauling around case files, many lawyers are now just bringing their Ipads to court to access necessary documents. There are a plethora of legal apps out there – some great, some not so great. In this article we chose our three favorite apps that we use regularly.


This app comes included with a subscription to the Westlaw service. It is a legal research tool that consists of easily searchable content written, edited, and curated exclusively by attorneys. Prices and plans vary widely depending on what services you want included.

Check out WestlawNext here.


Fastcase is a legal research tool that includes federal and state-by-state statutes, court rules, and famous cases. It is comprehensive and very easy to use. It is a bit pricey (ranging from $65/month to $95/month), but considering the sheer amount of information they offer, it’s really not that outrageous. They also offer a free 24-hour trial so you can try it out before you buy it.

Check out Fastcase here.


Dropbox is an incredible tool that allows you to save documents, videos, images, and more in your own personal cloud. The best part about it is once you upload something you can access it from any computer, or device. If you use Dropbox, this app is essential for accessing your files on a phone or tablet. If you don’t use Dropbox, get on board! It’s much more cost effective than storing all your client files on your own server – and you don’t have to worry about said server crashing.

Check out Dropbox here.

These are just three apps we utilize regularly. What are some of the smartphone or tablet apps you find useful?