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Inhibited Driving Deaths on the Rise

Dane County Traffic stated that 2 out of every 3 traffic deaths in the fourth quarter of 2021 were speeding and alcohol/drug related. This was

Should You Take a Breath Test?

Whether or not to submit to a breath test during a traffic stop is not easy. It is a decision made in a stressful environment

How to Establish Paternity in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, there are four main ways to establish paternity. These consist of Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment, Court Ruling, Conclusive Paternity Determination Based on Genetic Test

The Stakes Are High for Felony Crimes

  “It’s just a misdemeanor”. As criminal defense lawyers we find this term to be maddening. All criminal charges need to be taken seriously, from

What is Family Law?

The term family law is very broad. You may be wondering what is all included in family law, and whether or not the term pertains