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Drunk Driving in College Towns

Sadly, drunk driving is extremely prevalent in college towns. Many students believe that they are immortal and will never get caught, until it is too

What is an Acquittal?

Have you ever heard the term acquittal regarding criminal law? An acquittal occurs when a jury decides that a criminal defendant is not guilty, or

Are OWI Arrests Common in Wisconsin?

OWI convictions come with harsh criminal penalties and personal complications. How common are OWI charge in Wisconsin? Find out by clicking the link below. https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/safety/education/drunk-drv/ddarrests.aspx

What is Included in a Criminal Background Check?

Many Wisconsin employers conduct criminal background checks on their possible job candidates. These checks review a person’s commercial, criminal, employment, and even financial records. Although this seems

Wisconsin Crime Statistics

Out of all the states, thirty-nine of them have a higher crime rate than Wisconsin. Continue reading to find out more about Wisconsin crime statistics