“Can’t I Just Pay the Traffic Fine and Move On With My Life?”


“Why not?”

Because you cannot predict the future and a seemingly innocent decision to pay the fine and move on today could leave you with a whole heap of trouble in the future.

“Like what?”

The fines and penalties for traffic violations in Wisconsin are cumulative, with each violation being accompanied by demerit points. Accumulating enough demerit points in one year can result in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.

“What happens if my license is suspended or revoked?”

You will be unable to legally operate a motor vehicle. However, a suspension or revocation will not eliminate your need to drive; your family will still need transportation. This often leads to driving “just this once”. After all, what are the odds of getting pulled over while driving the kids to school or running a quick errand across town?

Unfortunately, regardless of the odds, it only takes once to be charged with operating after revocation (OAR) or operating after suspension (OAS). These charges come with the potential for fines and additional revocations or suspensions, placing your long-term ability to drive at risk.

“What can I do to avoid this fate?”

The best thing you can do is be proactive any time you face a traffic offense. Instead of paying the fine and moving on, make sure you reach out to an experienced defense attorney who can explain your options and limit your exposure to demerit points.