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Can You Be Held Accountable For Someone Else’s Overdose?

You gave someone drugs. You never intended for that person to overdose, but he or she did, and now you face charges in the death. How can you be held accountable for someone else’s actions?

In Wisconsin, the number of people accused of reckless homicide by drug delivery has doubled in recent years. In particular, prosecutors have targeted heroin suppliers. They bring these drug-related homicide charges under what is called the “Len Bias law,” a law named after an All-American college basketball player who overdosed on cocaine.
For you, that means a potential Class C felony in addition to the drug crime charges you face. Yet, these charges are often hard to prove. With the right defense team on your side, you have a fighting chance.

Putting ‘Fair’ Back Into The Equation

Prosecutors have many tools in their tool belt, perhaps the greatest of which is public sympathy. Jurors are members of the public who come into death-related trials with their own misconceptions. This can make it seem like fighting homicide charges is an uphill battle.

When you work with us, it isn’t. We understand the psychological aspects of trial, from selecting appropriate jurors to presenting information to them in an engaging, understandable way. That means giving you a voice — letting jurors know your story.

It also means finding the appropriate defenses — such as illegal search and seizure — and using them to protect your freedom.

Start Your Fight Against Len Bias Charges

Not all defense lawyers are the same. When you meet with them to determine who would be the best defense attorney for you, ask them about their trial experience. Ask them if they have handled drug-related homicide cases in Madison similar to yours. Ask them if they won those cases.

You’ll be happy with our answers. Call us to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation: 608-471-5003. You can also contact us online. If you cannot meet us at our law office in the heart of downtown Madison, we can arrange an off-site meeting. We also offer evening and weekend appointments upon request.