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Felony Murder Charges: What You Need To Know

You don’t have to kill someone in cold blood to be charged with murder. In fact, you might not even know that a death occurred — until you find yourself facing a potential prison sentence.

Felony murder applies whenever a death occurs during the commission of, or a result of, certain crimes. The theory is that dangerous felonies such as sexual assault, armed robbery, burglary and drug crimes threaten the safety of others. If someone dies — even by accident — you could be charged with felony murder, whether you were the mastermind or merely the getaway driver.

Challenging The Charges

Accusations of felony murder can add an extra 15 years onto your potential sentence. It’s a serious charge that demands an experienced defense

In these cases, there may be many opportunities to challenge the state’s case. Can the prosecutor prove the underlying crime? Is there a sufficient connection between that and the death that allegedly resulted from it? Was there some other cause that contributed?
Taking advantage of these opportunities requires pinpointing the issues and analyzing the evidence. It requires a strong background in Wisconsin criminal law. And, as in any homicide case, preparation and trial skills may mean the difference between a guilty verdict and an acquittal.

Fearless Trial Attorneys Who Will Level The Playing Field

At Nicholson Goetz & Otis, S.C.., we have the experience, knowledge and trial skills it takes to defend against murder charges. Our lawyers are no strangers to high-profile, high-stakes cases. In fact, our winning results in felony cases demonstrate the unwavering level of determination we bring to every case.

Here, you will find trial attorneys who have spent years navigating the trenches of the justice system, day in and day out. We are fearless and unrelenting in advocating for our clients. You can count on us to pursue every opportunity for protecting your rights.

When facing felony murder charges, it might seem like the system is stacked against you. We’re here to level the playing field.

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