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Facing Homicide Charges In Wisconsin? You Need A Serious Madison Defense Attorney.

When a death is involved, a criminal matter cannot be more serious. A defendant’s entire future hangs in the balance, and it is the homicide attorney’s job to take forceful and effective action.

Our Madison homicide defense lawyers understand the seriousness of the allegations that our clients face. Our founding attorney, Jessa Nicholson, is a skilled trial attorney who has extensive courtroom experience, having successfully tried first-degree intentional homicide cases, vehicular homicide cases and other violent crimes.

As an experienced Dane County manslaughter defense attorney, Attorney Nicholson Goetz often explains to clients that the prosecution carries the burden of proof in murder and homicide cases (like other criminal cases). Prosecutors in the state of Wisconsin must prove each element of a homicide case beyond a reasonable doubt. If they fail to prove just one element — if just one reasonable doubt exists in a homicide allegation — the defendant must be found not guilty.

Affirmative Defenses To Murder Or Homicide

Each situation is different. In some cases, the law allows affirmative defenses to violent crimes. The law says that it is acceptable to use force in self-defense or to defend someone else from serious harm or death. If someone enters your home and threatens your family, for example, actions taken against that person may be justified under the law.

Talk With A Madison Homicide Attorney

“I may be guilty of something, but it’s not this.” At Nicholson Goetz & Otis, S.C., we give our clients the chance to tell their own stories, to stand up for themselves and set the record straight. You have the right to defend yourself, and you have the right to a homicide lawyer’s help.

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