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The Legal Guidance You Need Through Child Protective Services

If Child Protective Services (CPS) learns of alleged child abuse, they will take steps to ensure the child’s safety. These steps can included removing your child from the home before the allegations are substantiated, or proven.
When CPS becomes involved with your child, a process begins where it is important to be represented by an attorney who can advocate for your time with your child and explain the complex process to you. If CPS substantiates the claims of abuse, they may initiate a CHIPS case (Child in Need of Protection and/or Services).
At Nicholson Goetz & Otis, S.C., we advocate for parents to be able to see their children throughout the CHIPS process. We also guide parents on the path to bringing their child back into the home if a child is relocated.


Children depend on adults for care and protection. When CPS finds that parents cannot or will not take care of their children adequately, the county may bring a CHIPS case to provide children the needed protection or services. Once a report of alleged abuse is made to CPS, the CHIPs process begins. A caseworker will be assigned to investigate the validity of the report and makes a determination about whether there are safety issues for the child. If safety issues are found, a CHIPS petition may be filed.

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Your relationship with your child and your ability to spend time with them is one of the most important parts of your life. We want you to be able to maintain this. Our attorneys are ready to represent you at every stage of your case.

Our firm is known for exceptional service and courtroom success. We have helped thousands of clients with legal issues that could change their entire lives. Because of the personal nature of family law issues, we will maintain an open line of communication with you at all times. You will always be informed about what comes next in your case.

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