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Wisconsin Divorce Lawyers With A Fierce Reputation In Court

While working out your differences outside of court is often the best idea for divorcing couples, the reality is that most contested divorces end up in court. When they do, the individuals with experienced trial lawyers on their side can have an advantage.
Why? Divorce attorneys who have handled many trials know that preparation is key to success. They spend time gathering facts and are ready to answer the judge’s questions. They are not afraid of the courtroom and are willing to take risks for their clients. They understand not only the law, but also trial procedure and how it can affect a case. In many cases, that means a better — and less costly — “day in court.”
At Nicholson Goetz & Otis, S.C., we are known for our confidence in court and extensive trial experience. Our reputation comes from the way we work. We are always in the trenches for our clients, mastering our written and oral communication skills and preparing each divorce case as though it will end up in court. Our strong emphasis on preparation translates into quality representation and winning results.

What Does ‘Winning Results’ Mean in a Wisconsin Divorce?

It is very rare that a person walks away from a divorce completely happy with the results. There is some give and take. We consider it a success when our clients feel they have “won” on the points most important to them and are happy with our representation. One client, J.S., put it this way:

“I [was] concerned that my [family law] attorney would have a main interest in pushing points just for the sake of incurring a larger bill. Jessa was very good about helping me discern what to fight for and what to let go, landing me a speedier process with items of most concern, like child placement, in my favor.”

No matter what your divorce matter involves — property and debt division, alimony, restraining orders — we can help you fight for what matters most and compromise where it makes the most sense. Our goal is to help you get through your divorce quickly, but with lasting results. If you need to modify a divorce order down the road, however, we will be here for you.

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