Labor Day OWI Crackdown in Wisconsin

drunk driving

Beginning Friday August 30, and running through Labor Day weekend, Wisconsin police will be amping up their drunk driving enforcement in an effort to deter drivers from getting behind the wheel after too many drinks. 300 plus law enforcement agencies are participating in the increased enforcement. Last year, there were 922 drunk driving citations issued over the Labor Day weekend. The Labor Day crackdown is part of an overarching “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign aimed at reducing Wisconsin’s drunk driving problem. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, DWI accidents killed 223 people and injured 3,000 last year in the state. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has also created a mobile app to help people estimate their BAC level, and find a sober ride if they’ve had too much to drink. You can download the app here: www.zeroinwisconsin.gov.

Remember your Rights

With law enforcement ramping up drunk driving enforcement over the holiday weekend, it is important to make sure you have a sober ride wherever you venture out.  However, should you find yourself pulled over, keep in mind that you do have rights.  If stopped you are obligated to provide an officer with your driver’s license and answer basic questions about your identity.  But you do not have to provide the officer with additional information about where you are coming from or about how much–if any–alcohol you have consumed. If you are arrested for an OWI-related offense, make sure to contact an attorney who has experience handling OWI cases, because your license can be automatically suspended if you do not take action within ten days.   Source: http://www.jsonline.com/news/traffic/wisconsin-drunken-driving-crackdown-set-for-end-of-summer-b9976416z1-219807491.html