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Navigating Stalking Charges in Wisconsin

Stalking is a serious offense that can have severe legal and socially stigmatizing consequences. If you have been charged with stalking in Wisconsin, it’s important

The Numbers Behind DUI Charges

Have you ever wondered how common it is for people to drive under the influence? What age group is the most common defendant for this

When Do Most OWI Accidents Occur?

Certain days, times, and circumstances lead to higher than usual OWI accident rates, such as summer vacation, weekends, and holidays. Of course, you should always

The Truth Behind Homicide Statistics

Crime shows seem to be a new fad among Americans—the suspense and unknown draw people into a series episode after episode. But is homicide actually

Drunk Driving in College Towns

Sadly, drunk driving is extremely prevalent in college towns. Many students believe that they are immortal and will never get caught, until it is too

What is an Acquittal?

Have you ever heard the term acquittal regarding criminal law? An acquittal occurs when a jury decides that a criminal defendant is not guilty, or