Those suffering from substance abuse may also face drug charges

You may have a drug abuse problem or know someone who does. These issues are serious, and you undoubtedly hope that one day you or your loved one can overcome the hold that the addiction has. Of course, even when individuals have a willingness and desire to get clean, the struggle can often prove too difficult without the right help.

Along the way, you or your loved one could wind up in a serious legal situation. Often, people with substance abuse problems have a tendency to act out of character due to the changes the drugs bring about in their minds, and they may feel willing to do almost anything to get another fix. In such cases, it is not unusual for addicts to wind up facing various drug-related charges.

Types of drug crimes

When charged with a crime, it can be immensely important to understand the exact allegations. There are many types of drug crimes, and some can hold a greater severity than others can. Typically, possession lands on the lesser end of the spectrum while trafficking stands as one of the most serious. Specific types of drug crimes include:

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia: Even if you do not have illicit substances on your person, you could still face charges for possession if authorities believe you to have drug paraphernalia. Paraphernalia could include items such as rolling papers, scales, bongs, syringes or pipes.
  • Drug possession: The next form of possession involves authorities allegedly finding illegal substances on your person, in your vehicle or home, or if they believe you had knowledge and control of the substance if found elsewhere.
  • Drug dealing: Going beyond possession, you or your loved one could also face allegations of drug dealing. This crime involves selling controlled substances on a relatively small scale.
  • Drug trafficking: Trafficking is similar to dealing, but the charges can be more severe due to trafficking taking place on a larger scale. Traffickers may cross state or country borders and could face federal charges as well as Wisconsin state charges.

This list does not include every type of drug crime. Therefore, it may prove wise to learn more information about the specific charges you or a loved one may face. If authorities have brought about allegations, information on criminal defense options may help you help yourself or a loved one through criminal legal proceedings.