Wisconsin Act 292

Are you aware of Wisconsin’s “Unborn Child Protection Act?” It is also known as the “Cocaine Mom Law.” This act was initially promoted and passed by activists who claimed it would address the problem of “cocaine moms.” Although, this act does not protect mothers and fetuses like it is supposed to. It hurts them.

The Anguish

About 1,200 women are investigated each year and threatened with complete interference of their personal and medical choices. There are no other laws like this in America; It is the only one where the state can take physical custody of a pregnant woman and lock her up due to something that may no longer affect her life. The fetus must be appointed an attorney, but the mother is not. How does this seem fair?

How It “Works”

Under Wisconsin Act 292, pregnant women can be locked up in a mental hospital or jail and be required to receive treatment in mental health or drug treatment facilities. This law also enables government officials to separate babies from their mothers and “take ownership” of women from the moment they fertilize an egg. In addition, if a woman tells a healthcare official of previous drug use, she can end up in jail. We must put an end to this madness.

What Can You Do?