Wisconsin Crime Statistics

Out of all the states, thirty-nine of them have a higher crime rate than Wisconsin. Continue reading to find out more about Wisconsin crime statistics and what they mean for you.

What Types of Crime are Committed?

The most common type of crime committed in the state of Wisconsin is property crime. These crimes account for 83% of crimes across the state of Wisconsin. The most prominent type of property crime committed is larceny. The second and third most common property crimes in Wisconsin are burglary and motor vehicle theft.

Violent Crime

Thankfully, violent crimes only make up 17% of total crimes in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has the 19th lowest violent crime rate out of all fifty states. Aggravated assault is the most common type of violent crime in Wisconsin. The second most common type is robbery. In 2019, there were 2,991 robberies reported in the state of Wisconsin.

Where Are These Crimes Committed?

These crimes are committed in the counties with the highest populations such as Douglas, Milwaukee, and La Crosse. The city with the highest crime rate is Monona, with a crime rate of 7,809 per 100,000 residents. This rate is driven by property crime. Monona is actually less dangerous than other cities that have a higher rate of violent crime

What Do These Statistics Mean For You?

These statistics are a snapshot of our state’s criminal justice system; nothing more, nothing less. The important number to remember is one: it only takes one criminal conviction to turn your life upside down and it only takes one call to a proven criminal defense attorney to get your defense started. Call 608-401-4473 and place your rights, future, and reputation in experienced hands.